Who Is Robert H. Sholly?

Robert H Sholly Picture

Robert H. Sholly grew up in national parks, with a backyard of mountains and streams and wide open spaces. He was educated in a one room school house in the Park until he attended a high school of 3,000 students in California. Upon graduation he headed off to Texas A&M hoping to one day be a park ranger like his Dad.

Life had other plans for Robert Sholly, now known as Bob, and he ended up in the Army after 2 years of college. This is where the real adventure began. Bob took naturally to the rigors of military life including marrying and raising a family of 5 children, while giving of himself freely in service to his country for thirty-five years.

His military career took him all over the world in all manner of cultures and leadership experiences. As a Middle East specialist Bob became fluent in Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, and Dari, along with his native tongue English. He earned his Masters’ degrees in History and English, compliments of the U.S. Army.

When Bob retired from Military service he transitioned to corporate endeavors using his translatable skills. He managed multi-million dollar international projects and a fortune 500 subsidiary which he built from the ground up.

After 15 years in corporate life, and newly remarried, he retired again. Apparently not one for the simple life, he formed a publishing company with his new wife, Peggy. Together they self-published her award winning cookbook, Down Home Delicious. That required another sharp learning curve, proving you can teach “older persons” new tricks.

After six years Bob penned his own bestselling award winning book, Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors. When seeking the counsel of Jack Canfield, all-time bestselling author, and Steve Harrison, World Class Marketing Guru, on how to best market his book, they advised Bob, “You have so much to offer. You should be a professional speaker. You are a natural with your personality, wisdom and life and work experiences.”

Off he went again into his now 4th career and the rest is history, writing itself as brilliantly in his 70’s as it did throughout his earlier life.

For details of Bob’s military career please check out his bio on his book’s website www.youngsoldiersamazingwarriors.com. You will be mesmerized by the twists and turns and unexpected opportunities fate dealt Bob to bring him to where he is today…a lauded and sought after professional speaker and trainer, bestselling author and phenomenal family man.