• Almost 45 years of counterterrorism training and work experience.
  • Middle East Specialist who lived approximately 40 years in cultures where terrorism and violence is a common occurrence.
  • Worked seven years as the General Manager of an elite Fortune 500 security subidiary that provided counterterrorism assistance throughout the world.
  • Worked in Defense Intelligence Agency identifying and locating terrorist groups in the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

Topic:  Trending terrorism threats, and individual response

There are many scenarios in which terrorists or unstable personnel can endanger personnel. Active shooter situations are prevalent in many minds, whether it be a concern for our safety in our workplaces, schools, public places or just as passers-by. A better informed and prepared employee makes for a more confident employee on the job. How can you better prepare for a potential violent confrontation involving firearms or explosives? Robert H. Sholly’s background in counterterrorism provide him the expertise to provide answers to the following questions.

  • What are the chances of becoming involved in a terrorist event?
  • If the chances are so low, why am I so concerned?
  • Who and what are the current terrorism groups?
  • Where are the biggest threats to the normal person?
  • What protection can be taken before the event?
  • What steps can you take to protect yourself, your friends or loved ones during a terrorist event?
  • Should I carry a gun?
  • I don’t believe in guns, what are my options for protection?
  • What should I do after an event?

Presentations: Keynote, four-hour training workshop

Audiences: Local, state and federal government agencies, chambers of commerce, businesses, corporations, conventions, association meetings, schools and universities, service organizations, citizen groups, and more.

Topic:  Violence in the Workplace, Public Places and Home

There is no single protective approach to individual situations. However, there is a mind-set and intellectual approach to protecting yourself and your loved ones before there is a need for a physical response. The person who visualizes and prepares for success has a better chance of victory. If you think through scenarios the better prepared you will become. When entering a public place, do you automatically observe the exits or possible hiding places? Do you randomly think about your response if a shooting event took place right NOW? These are the sort of techniques and tips you can obtain from Sholly’s presentations.

  • Offices and workplaces
  • Schools and universities
  • Public places like malls, stores, concerts,
  • Home invasions, criminal acts in public places

Presentation: Keynote, four-hour workshop

Audiences: Businesses, corporations, chambers of commerce, local, state and federal government agencies, schools and universities, conventions, association meetings, service organizations, citizen groups, and more.




  •  Sholly was the General Manager of an elite security organization, for seven years in the corporate world, that executed security vulnerability assessments and security analyses of commercial ventures, corporations, governmental infrastructure and facilities.
  • As a Combat infantry officer his training and mindset always revolved around security.
  • Performed hundreds of major security assessments in international and domestic locations.

Topic:  Security, The Unavoidable Necessity – Guard Your Organization and Family with Personal Safety Measures for Uncertain Times

 The most valuable asset you have is your family or your workforce. Robert H. Sholly can give you the tools and insights with which to protect and defend them before the necessity occurs. If you don’t have access to a full-time security organization, its time you started doing something to protect your family or organization. Get ahead of the power curve in these uncertain times and obtain some solid recommendations on how you can best protect those who depend upon you.

Presentations:  Keynote, Customized Workshop

 Audiences: Corporations, business, conventions, associations

 Topic:  Keep Assets Safe – 5 Major Steps for a Strong Security Program

Security is a never ending task and a very real responsibility in today’s world. Let Robert H. Sholly share some of his vast experience and background with your audiences. Fear of the unknown is a terrible and debilitating thing, but if you follow basic preparations you will breathe easier and understand how to cope with the unknown.

Colonel Sholly was a U.S. Army infantry officer for over 30 years. He understands open combat and urban defense in civilian environments better than most. His talks cover more than the standard “carry a gun” admonition. As a General Manager of a security company with world-wide responsibilities, he knows individual personal defense measures, personal protection for others and organizational security programs. His resume includes oil and gas facilities for foreign governments, governmental infrastructure such as dams, ports, tunnels and airports, as well as corporate buildings and compounds. He has developed security barriers for international borders and even designed overall and detailed security plans for U.S. Army bases in the Middle East. Individual security plans or corporate, he has done it all.

Presentations:  Keynote, Customized workshop to include individual/corporate security analysis if desired.

Audiences: Corporations, business, conventions, associations



  • Twenty-four major leadership positions in his thirty-five-year military career
  • A fifteen-year corporate career as a General Manager and consultant
  • Attended the premier military universities where leadership is a major subject
  • Successfully practiced leadership skills in combat, peacetime and the boardroom                                                                                                                  .)

Topic: Leadership Under Fire – How to stay on mission when the going gets tough

What happens when an unexpected risk event threatens your output for an unacceptable period of time?  Has your organization tried to anticipate interruptions of service or work? Are your leaders and managers prepared for downturns in the economy? Do your leaders freeze? Do they become overly fixated on unessential issues? Do they show confidence and maturity?Are they flexible? Resilient? Agile?

This presentation suggests leadership preparation techniques to help leaders think about the unthinkable and about essential priorities. Let Robert Sholly talk about proven and solid leadership actions that can be taken before the crisis. His humorous and low-key style provides a great way to teach and remind attendees about how great leaders respond to crises.

Presentations:  Keynote, One-day Workshop

Audiences: Corporations, businesses, associations, conventions

Topic:  Responsible Leadership – Leading by Example Through Integrity, Trust Building and Giving Back

 Did you know the U.S. military includes the teaching of leadership at all levels of its military education system? This begins with the rank of private all the way through general officer. Few civilian institutions have leadership as even a single course. As a result, most civilian leaders who have not served in the military have learned their leadership by osmosis or by their own efforts.

This presentation shares basic leadership techniques that are often ignored, forgotten or unknown to leaders and managers. Give your audiences a fresh start to enhancing levels of performance of leaders and managers. Sholly’s thirty-five years in the military and fifteen years as a corporate executive gave him the experience and expertise of a proven leader. Listen to his stories of leadership and learn from one of the best.

PresentationsKeynote, One-half to full day Workshop

 Audiences: Corporations, businesses, associations, conventions

 Topic:  Aspire to Greatness – Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary

“Leaders are made…they are not born.”  Vince Lombardi

Did you know that only 36% of companies who responded to a recent survey felt prepared to immediately fill empty leadership positions? Did you know that out of this same survey, 80%  said that talent shortages were hindering leadership development?

Energize your current talent pool of senior or junior leadership by enhancing, improving, or developing their leadership potential.

In this presentation, Sholly shares basic and advanced building blocks potential leaders can use to firm up their leadership techniques, philosophies and practices.

Presentations:  Keynote, Workshop: Customized 1-2 days

Audiences: Corporations, businesses, associations, conventions



  •  Project Manager with multi-million dollar international projects in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Rwanda, Zaire, Uganda, Croatia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • As a project planner for other major global operations he was involved in their successful completion

Topic:  Overcome the Primary Reason Projects Fail

Projects fail for many reasons – Lack of funding, loss of priority, personnel losses, outside pressures, and uncertain management procedures. Most of those listed are outside the individual team’s span of control, but the management aspect is something that can be remedied.

As a successful project manager for multiple international projects, Sholly has the expertise, depth of leadership and management skills to share those techniques that made him one of the most successful managers for a Fortune 500 corporation under difficult and sometimes hostile conditions.

Presentations:  Keynote, one-half to full day Workshop

Audiences: Corporations, business, conventions, associations

Topic:  Successful Project Management – Building the Power Infra-Structure to Ensure a Successful Outcome

 Project Managers and staff learn about international projects and their difficulties. Hear how difficult and unexpected problems encouraged project members to think outside the box and develop unique solutions. Using a common sense approach to solving difficulties can result in cost avoidance solutions that satisfy clients and build customer trust.

Presentations:  Keynote, One-half day Workshop

Audiences: Corporations, business, conventions, associations



  • Nobel Laureate 1988.
  • Highly decorated retired Army Colonel with a thirty-five-year military career.
  • General Manager of a Fortune 500 subsidiary.
  • Widely-recognized best-selling author of two books with multiple awards for his works.
  • Successful publisher.
  • Professional speaker.

Topic:  Success is a Seven Letter Word

 Everybody wants to be a success, but not everybody agrees on what success means. Let Robert H. Sholly give you some ideas based upon his experience and knowledge. If these ideas are followed, it is almost guaranteed that you will achieve your idea of success, whether it is wealth, career achievement, education, a comfortable living with a family, or sufficient security to give your children a good education and quality of life.. Let Robert speak to your group or organization to solidify these goals. It is never too late to start the process.


Audiences: Corporations, business, associations, conventions

Topic:  Vital Ingredients for Organizational Success – Involvement, Communication Skills and Image

Just like a sports coach who recognizes the team is forgetting the basics of play, a leader sometimes needs to refresh basic leadership skills both for themselves and their subordinate leaders and managers.

Sholly’s presentation will cover those vital ingredients as well as seven actionable steps that lead to success no matter what the goal.

PresentationsKeynote, One-half Day Workshop:

Audiences: Corporations, business, associations, conventions