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“My Mission Is Your Greatness!”
— Robert H. Sholly

Robert Speaks with Authority, Humor and a Natural Penchant for Storytelling

Drawing from his considerable experience in the military, the corporate world and more recently as a best-selling author, he invigorates audiences with customized presentations that stimulate growth and success in business and personal issues.

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Nobel Peace Prize Co-Recipient 1988 
as a member of United Nations Peacekeeping Forces



35-year Highly Trained and Decorated Military Leader, and 15-year International Corporate Executive and Project Manager. Twenty-four military and civilian leadership positions over the 50-year period. Supervised up to 4,000 personnel at a time.


Best-selling author of both Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors and The Soul of Success with Jack Canfield. Twenty-one literary awards, plus a Grand Prize and a Quilly Award (pictured).


Lauded international speaker with audiences of up to 1,500 people. Gives back by speaking to small non-profits and Veterans’ organizations.

With Wisdom and Humor...
Bestselling Author
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I am here to serve you as a Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Trainer, and Security Analyst with expertise in Counterterrorism, Security Assessments, Leadership, Project Management and Success Principles.

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Robert H. Sholly

Robert is a Nobel Peace Prize Co-Recipient, a multi-talented keynote speaker and trainer, a highly decorated retired Army Colonel with Terrorism and Counterterrorism and National Security Expertise, a Peak Performance Expert, a Best Selling Author and more. He spent thirty-five years in the U.S. Army and fifteen years as a high level corporate executive in the security field. While the General Manager of an elite security company, Robert and his operatives taught, planned, and executed security vulnerability assessments and policies for small to large corporations, domestically and overseas. Robert utilizes those decades of experience when speaking and teaches about counterterrorism – the skills needed to prepare individuals and companies to prevent or minimize injuries caused by an active shooter or terrorist acts in public, at work, or at home.

As a senior military officer Robert held executive leadership roles in peacetime and combat. Robert gives a powerful presentation on current security issues that educate and prepare audiences in the areas of Terrorism and Counterterrorism in America.  Colonel Sholly trains individuals and groups on preparedness for lone shooters, domestic and external terrorist events.  He performs security vulnerability assessments of businesses, homes, etc., and is available as a consultant in the field.

Additionally Robert speaks and offers customized workshops on Peak Performance including leadership, success, and project management.  Robert also conducts team building workshops and coaching supervisors how to improve their leadership skills.

Watch for A Child of the Wild, Youthful Adventures in National Parks, coming in 2018.

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Did You Know?

Sholly family

Bob Was Raised in National Parks And Attended a One-Room Schoolhouse (New Book on Growing Up in National Parks, due 2018)

He and his buddy played “Where in the world is ???” with the world map when the teacher was busy with the younger students.  One would name an unknown or little known place in the world and the other had to find it on the map.  Or they would read the dictionary/encyclopedia.  No electronics back then.  After school he was free to commune with nature, his skunk stories are legendary.

Bob Sholly hiking

Bob Loves to Hike and Climb Mountains.

Ask him about his getting stuck wedged in a tiny cave with no one knowing where he was or even that he was stuck (no cell phones back then)…a real  cliff hanger.

Bob Sholly with Microphone

Bob Plays the Piano and Sings

His best stress reliever is wandering into the piano room for 30-45 minutes and playing whatever comes to mind.  He doesn’t just play the piano, he makes magic that entices his family and friends to lose themselves in the art of music. Everyone loves Bob’s musical interludes.  He plays and sings love songs to his wife, silly Irish pub songs to his grandchildren, Broadway and country western tunes to everyone else, and is the star of the family Christmas caroling.  Bob even began one of his talks by singing, inviting the audience to sing along.  A good time was had by all.
Bob Sholly playing racketball

Bob is a former National Racquetball Champion

He is a fierce competitor and still gives the young guys a run for their money several days each week.
Robert Sholly parachuting

Bob is a parachutist license #D268. It’s a bird… it’s a plane…

It’s Super Bob… drifting through the air on a wing and a prayer.  And yes, that really is Bob hanging from that parachute.  Sorry you can’t see him better.
Bob Sholly throwing knives

Bob used his expert knife throwing skills as a stress reliever...

With his men in Vietnam teaching them the fine art of knife throwing. His is probably the only family around that has knife throwing in the backyard – young and old alike love to take their turn learning the skills and safety rules.  Overall the ladies make it hard on the guys –they all think they are Bond girls.
Robert H. Sholly riding a camel

Bob is a gifted storyteller who reads voraciously and loves to write.

He spins his tales, shares historical moments and entertains everyone with his action packed storytelling. Let’s see, there’s the one about the snake in the refrigerator, the two quails killed with one bullet, his Mom chasing away a big black bear with only a frying pan, his romps in the Sahara desert (that is truly Bob on the camel), and this is only the beginning.
The current Sholly family

Business associates know Bob as Robert H. Sholly, acquaintances call him Bob,...

Colonel Bob or Colonel Sholly, friends and family call him Bob, Dad, or Uncle, and his wife calls him “Honey”.  Bob and wife Peggy are pictured with 6 of their 15 grandchildren, they call him GrandBob.
Robert H. Sholly and his wife

Bob is a world traveler...

who is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, and Dari but has yet to master Pig Latin. His wife and daughter terrorize him with their not so secret chats in the silly language while having a good laugh at his expense.
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Robert H. Sholly


Book Robert H. Sholly and you will have all this.  He has spoken internationally on Terrorism, Leadership and Success to audiences of several thousand. His presentations on issues involving the Middle East have assisted in developing U.S. responses to international events. In 1982, one of his presentations to senior officials of the United Nations assisted in resolving a brutal conflict between Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

As a security specialist, he was the project manager for the world’s largest commercial security project in Algeria. His presentations to security professionals in other countries enabled them to duplicate much of what Sholly and his team accomplished in the middle of a civil war. This, in turn, assisted other governments to develop improved defenses against terrorist acts.

Sholly’s Best Selling Books — Young Soldiers Amazing Warriors and  Soul of Success, generate requests for presentations on leadership, how to achieve Success, and how to benefit from unexpected opportunities.

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